Places (2018)

Project Syntrex is a series that aims to create dynamic live experiences which convey the artists’ reflections on modern day issues by integrating sound, image, movement and boundary bending technology. PLACES is a multi-media performance bringing together dance, music and animation. Abstract and surreal visuals interact with dance and music, creating ever-changing landscapes and environments. More information available at

The project 'Places' was a collaboration between Ieva Viati (Co-Director, sound artist), Amy Dang (co-director, visual artist), Sara Augieras (co-choreographer/performer), Nicolee Tsin (animator), and Yasmine Lindskog (co-choreographer/performer). 'Places' investigates the idea of a self that does not belong to a place but rather frees itself through a constant journey of travels between places. The dancing bodies are thrown, unsettled, taken by a series of events that endlessly take the individuals through new places. Through the interactions, juxtapositions, and balance of visuals, movement, and sound concepts of self, place, and discovery are explored. 

Previous Shows:

TripSpace, London, UK, 2018

Toneelschuur Theatre, Haarlem, Netherlands, 2018

The Pickle Factory, London, UK, 2019

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