Current workshops for 2020.

The Consciousness Project 2020

A somatic-based, multi-sensory quarterly workshop series designed to reset, re-center, and re-charge.

About T.C.P. Series

In this workshop series, we will dive into the experience of flow states and align our energy to the rhythm of nature. Each workshop will be an opportunity to reset your body and mind, and to find a deeper inner and outer connection with yourself, the group, and nature. Expect movement, ice-baths, awakening all of your senses, podcast-like audio walks, meditation, voice, writing, flow, and a safe space. You will leave each workshop with some homework and tools to carry with you until the next workshop and to continue to practice what you have just begun.

My hope with The Consciousness Project workshop series is that each one of you commits at least 4 of this year's 366 days to yourself. To giving yourself the permission to stop, rest, breath, reset, connect, and remember that all we are begins from within. I hope you will take the plunge with me this year into experiencing the feeling of heightened awareness in all of your cells, body, flesh, mind, voice, and senses; and into feeling the core of your being fully rooted in its depths, with all of its truths and intentions. Join me in this quarterly adventure!

#1 Spring Edition

Beginning Again, Reigniting Our Fire

In #1 of the series, we will dive into biocentrism, flow states, light, beginnings, inner fire, scaffoldings, and newness.

#3 Autumn Edition

The Liminal Space

In #3 of the series, we will dive into inbetween-ness, harvest, reflection, deaths, the liminal, the allure of trees, and longevity

This is Water

In #2 of the series, we will dive into abundance, spontaneity, bodies of water, sustainability, action v. being, celebrations

#4 Winter Edition

Going Dark

In #4 of the series, we will dive into endings, depths of darkness, rest, surrendering, stillness, law of vibration, and nurture

#2 Summer Edition

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